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SunFort Portable Walled Blanket (Two Pack)

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Value Pack!

Color: Sun Kissed Yellow

Size 8 x 6 ft with 17inch walls


Introducing the original, innovative designs of the SunFort Portable Walled Blanket. Perfect for beaches, parks, campgrounds, and more, the unique walled blanket provides a bug-free, water, and sand-resistant area to hang out and relax on your own, with friends, pets, and kids. It’s easy installation and portable design allows simple and convenient use for all outdoor lovers.


The Ultimate Adventure Companion:


  • Sand Resistant: Easily shake or wipe off the sand from beaches and riversides for stress-free-fun without causing damage to your gear. The unique raised wall design prevents sand from being kicked or blown onto your beach blanket.


  • Waterproof Material: Rain or shine, the beach blanket holds its ground. Perfect for lake days, beach visits, and recently watered grass, the innovative water-resistant materials repel water and prevent damage.


  • Tear Resistant: Enjoy the SunFort Portable Walled Blanket for years to come as the durable tear-resistant material stands strong during every outing.


  • Hides Personal Belongings: Conceal phones, wallets, keys, and more with a protective corner pocket that hides personal belongings while you enjoy your adventure.


  • Keeps Bugs Out: sit, lay, and relax on the comfortable beach blanket while escaping ants, spiders, and other pesky bugs. Perfect for scenic picnics, kids of all ages, and laying under the sun, be able to relax knowing that you are protected from most crawling bugs.


  • Easy To Install: With just a few simple steps, enjoy a fully functional beach blanket within minutes. Designed much like common tents, the intuitive setup is fast and easy for adventurers of all experience levels. 


  • Lightweight and Portable: Pack the portable beach blanket with you on every unique adventure with an easily portable carrying bag. Wrapping up nicely inside the backpack style bag, the 2.4-pound package can be worn comfortably during hikes and walks to your relaxing destination.

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